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8Days BJ-Yunnan:Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-ShangriLa-HK



Beijing Xian Yunnan Shangri La Guilin Shanghai


Shanghai YangtzeCruise Guilin XianBeijing
BeijingXian Guilin YangtzeCruise Shanghai


China SilkRoad 12Days




Beijing-Xian-Chengdu-Guilin family fun!

Requests of Tailor-made Tour

Hi,Below are our request details

We will arrive (Beijing) on September 10, 7.25 am and depart (from Beijing also) September 19 :12:05 am

10 person in total and mostly old people.

please give quotation with and without hotel, hotel ard 3 or 4 star

This is the tour that include Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou but we are flexible with the options, if you have more.

Since it's already 10 people then it would be qualified for small group tour instead of private tour right?

Good afternoon,

I am working full time in China and my family plus another family will come to visit me in April (9 persons in total). We will be based in Beijing.

We are interested to go to Xian and Huashan on a tour similar to your 5 days 4 nights tour by bullet train, but would
like to extend it maybe with two or three days. (For example 2 days extra in Xian and one day
extra at Huashan). We would like to be our own group.
Would such a tour be possible?

I have a little request, on arriving day and first visit in Shanghai airport, I would like the tour leader donate a flower to each one of tour members as a good welcoming.

If I want to ..from beijing to guilin then ended in shanghai from 4 till 10 May, do u have any tour packages for those trip?
with 2 adults n 1 child without hotels, how much will I spend for total?


Morning..can you provide quotation for Xian & Beijing Private tour
Quote for 4 & 6 persons
Date arrival Xian - 8th September 2016, 11.30pm
Date departure Beijing - 12th September 2016, 8.00am
Place to visit
9th september (Xian) -
1. Terracota warrior & horses,2. Big wild goose pagoda,3. Xian ancient city wall,4. Muslim quarters,5. Qin tombs
6. Banpo neolithics village

10th september (beijing)
1. Tianmen square,2. Forbidden city,3. Temple of heaven,4. Summer place,5. Wangfujing snack & shopping street

11th September (beijing)
1. Great wall from Mutianyu,2. Ming tomb

1. Accomodation hotel 4 star on:8th september (xian)9, 10, 11th september (beijing),2. Local english speaking guide,3. Air cond tour coach. (Private),4. Meal ( breakfast, lunch, dinner),5. Entrance ticket,6. 2 way transfer from/to the airport, 7. One way flight from xian to beijing

Please note that this tour is for private.

I am interested in a private tour for my family of 4. We will be arriving in Beijing on 3/24/2016 at 3:00pm and would like to be in Shanghai on 3/30/2016. We would like to take the high speed train from Beijing to Xi’an and the overnight train with the soft sleeper from Xi’an to Shanghai on the night of 3/29/2016. We will need a guide in Beijing and Xi’an. In Shanghai we will be staying and touring with my brother. Can you please quote a tour package for us which includes the tours, transportation, and hotel at either a 3 or 4 star hotel for both Beijing and Xi'an? It our preference to take the high speed train from Beijing to Xi’an during daylight hours so we can see the country side.


  By Flight - 2 hours !
Big Saving Group Tour!
  BeijingShanghai 8days7nights
  BeijingShanghai 7days6nights
  BeijingShanghai 6days5nights
  BeijingShanghai 5days4nights
By Bullet Train - 5 hours !

Big Saving Group Tour!
  BeijingShanghai 8days7nights
  BeijingShanghai 7days6nights
  BeijingShanghai 6days5nights
  BeijingShanghai 5days4nights
By Flight - 2 hours !

Super Value Private Tour!
  BeijingShanghai 10days9nights
  BeijingShanghai 9days8nights
  BeijingShanghai 8days7nights
  BeijingShanghai 7days6nights
  Super Value Private Tour!
  Beijing+Xian 8days 7nights
  Beijing+Xian 7days 6nights
  Beijing+Xian 6days 5nights
  Beijing+Xian 5days 4nights
  Big Saving Group Tour!
  Beijing+Xian 7days 6nights
  Beijing+Xian 6days 5nights
  Beijing+Xian 5days 4nights
  Super Value Private Tour!
  Beijing+Guilin 9days 8nights
  Beijing+Guilin 8days 7nights
  Beijing+Guilin 7days 6nights
  Beijing+Guilin 6days 5nights

  By Flight !
Big Saving Group Tour!
  10Days 9 Nights Group Tour
  9 Days 8 Nights Group Tour
  8 Days 7 Nights Group Tour
  By Train !
Big Saving Group Tour!
  10Days 9 Nights Group Tour
  9 Days 8 Nights Group Tour
  8 Days 7 Nights Group Tour
  By Flight !
  Super Value Private Tour!
  12Days 11Nights Private Tour
  11Days 10Nights Private Tour
  10Days 9 Nights Private Tour
  9 Days 8 Nights Private Tour
  8 Days 7 Nights Private Tour

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Newest Feedback

Last week I have finished a 8 days tour "wonderful china" with your agency.

I would like to thank you and your company for the wonderful organization of the tour . Everything was perfect and despite all the multiple activities (flights, shows, tours, restaurants hotels and more) every action went smoothly without any problems.

So , I would like to thank you and your team .

You are wonderful as well as your country !

Abarbanel Joseph


Thank you very much for arranging such a wonderful tour. My partner had his 40th birthday in Beijing and we couldn't ask for more.

Smith, Shun was our tour guide and Mr Thang was our driver. They were both very very good and we were so impressed. Shun took time to make sure that we were taken care of. He always made sure that he told us where we were going next. He even took us to places when we asked for his assistance. He even helped me find a salsa club one night by calling some phone numbers for me. Our hotel was in the centre of everything and we could go out at night and take a walk in the streets of Beijing. The food was fabulous and we could not get enough...

We did love the tourist places that we went to, though. The terracotta warriors were breath taking. We were so lucky to have seen it...

Again, thank you so much for making our holiday so special. We fell in love with your city and will definitely come back again.




I'm just sending to you this email for saying you thank you.
The tour was great, the guides were great (specially Alex) , all the explanations, the luches, people who did the tour with us... Everything was perfect.
We enjoyed a lot our days in Beijing.
Thank you so much again.

Best regards!



Yes we are very happy with the tour service you provided me and my family. Everyone is happy and I am happy that they are happy... meaning I decided correctly on getting your services...

We will gladly recommend you and your company and most especially our guide Patrick. Of course the whole experience was memorable and enjoyable because of the tour guide. He trully cares for the people he is servicing, even helping my Aunt to walk and playing with my young cousin. He goes the extra mile and genuinely cares.

Thanks for the memorable China experience Liza! Kudos to you and your company!



Dear Friends,

after my good experience with your services in April 2011, I would like to ask you for help to organize my and my wife 2 day stay in Beijing in April 2012.

Peter Biely


Dear Rose,

Thank you very much for the entire tour .
At Beijing,Xian,Shanghai the guides were really good.

Rocky is an excellent tour guide.
In Xian that pretty young lady Eva, her attitude and assistance was really appreciable.She tried her level best to explain all the details and communicated with us nicely.
At shanghai the guide Lee was also great.He helped us to buy different varieties of Chinese tea. We had shopping at the silk factory outlet also.

We all had a nice time in china.It was a relaxing and hazard less tour.Your drivers were carefull while driving .No harsh driving in china. The guides took us to all the places as per the itinerary.
Your service was excellent, especially the Peking duck dinner at Regal hotel in Beijing.

Once again thank you all for the Wonderful China Tour from
Definitely we will recommend your tour to our people.

Regards and Best wishes for Beijing tours team!!!


ChinaTour_ Top 1 Best of China !
Beijing+Xian+Guilin+Yangtze Cruise+Shanghai

This is a perfect China Tour Route, the most popular route among tourists from all over the world.
we designed 2 options for you based on your International Flight Schedule:Entry Beijing,Exit Shanghai or Entry Shanghai,Exit Beijing;
This is a private tour by flight, no others will join in you ! It includes all the top places of interest in China: you will tour the capital of China-Beijing, the political and cultural center in China,climb Great Wall personally! arrive in the ancient capital of six dynasties-Xian city,see the mysterious Terracotta Warriors! Breath-taking scenery in Guilin Yangshuo ! Take luxury ship on Yangtze River,have the last chance to see Three Gorges! of course you will visit Modern Shanghai- the Biggest city in China! water town -Zhouzhuang, amazing garden city-Suzhou in South China ! You will also enjoy cruise on Li River and on Shanghai Huangpu River at night ! see many famous night shows all over the world ! It is regarded as the most luxurious and relaxed enjoyment with the best service. Your money will be the most worthy ! Perfect China Tour ! Book Now !

ChinaTour_Top 2 Essential China Tour
we have total 7 packages for small group tour. you will do the tour in a small English tour group including about 10 members who come from all over the world. It is really interesting , exciting and CHEAP!!
Please click here for these 7 tour packages:

We have total 12 routes for private tour. you will use private vehicle with driver and personal excellent English-speaking tour guides. No others will join in you. You will have an enjoyable and LEISURE tour !!
Please click here for these 12 routes:

ChinaTour_beijing+xian+shanghai,suzhou_9 DaysPrivate Tour by Overnight Trains

ChinaTour_beijing+xian+shanghai,suzhou_9 DaysPrivate Tour by Flights
ChinaTour_beijingXian+shanghai,suzhou,hangzhou12DaysPrivateTour byFlights


What are you waiting for ? Don't hesitate! Please kindly inform us your final route.
Or we can offer tailor-made itinerary based on your requirement. Seats Limited , Book Now!

ChinaTour_Top 3 Classic China Tour
For the small group tour, you will join in a group of around 10 tourists from all over the world in Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai,Guilin. The joys will be enlarged in a group and the cost for per person will also be brought down greatly by sharing. Free hotel pick-up and drop-off in city centre on each tour day and excellent English-speaking tour guide will accompany your interesting journey through with enthusiastic interpretation and service! You will have an unforgettable tour full of pleasant memories!All the domestic flights are included, provide airport-hotel transfers from one city to another.

For the private tours, private tour guide and vehicles will be at your service in each city. You will have more flexible time on sightseeing. And your knowledgeable tour guide will have more energy and concentration for your specific questions and what you want to know. More private space will be offered. Very suitable for a family or group of friends to do together, as more persons can enjoy more discounts! All the domestic flights are included, provide airport-hotel transfers from one city to another.
Itinerary Specials:
1.Spending least money on the most sightseeings in Beijing,Xian,Guilin,Shanghai with the service guaranteed !!

2.Having a deep visit on the world-shaking spot-Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors; amazing Shanhai city;breath-taking scenery in Li River,Guilin;
3.Colorful Optional Programs:Enjoying the Acrobatic Show in Bejing, Tang Dynasty Show in Xi'an, <Impression Liusanjie> in Yangshuo Guilin , and an evening cruise on Huangpu River in Shanghai, getting well-known to the culture of each amazing city;

Easy Booking on Line ! Reply you within10mins-24 hrs !

Easy Booking on Line ! Reply you within10mins-24 hrs !


How to Book My China Tour Now
Reserve This Tour
Please send the following information to us:
1. Travelers' full name on passport and passport numbers
2. Travelers' nationality
3. Travelers' Flight number
4. Number of Travelers
5. Tour Date
6. Tour Code
7. Which star Hotel would you like

Once received your above information, we will start to arrange tour details according to your request. Confirmation will be sent to you within 24 hours when all tour details arranged.

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