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Yes we are very happy with the tour service you provided me and my family. Everyone is happy and I am happy that they are happy... meaning I decided correctly on getting your services...

We will gladly recommend you and your company and most especially our guide Patrick. Of course the whole experience was memorable and enjoyable because of the tour guide. He trully cares for the people he is servicing, even helping my Aunt to walk and playing with my young cousin. He goes the extra mile and genuinely cares.

Thanks for the memorable China experience Liza! Kudos to you and your company!


Thank you so much for the arrangements.
I have a friend that is going to Beijing and I have definitely recommended your tours...
I enjoyed the tour very much... Interesting places and lovely tour guides...

Thanks again,
Take care,
Hi Liza&
,Beijing International Tour,
Thank you for the wonderful arrangements with our toured visit in BJ, we certainly enjoyed your service.

Our tour guide Jerry is just a remarkable young man. Jerry is a true gentleman. We are so proud of him; China will do well and continue to excel if everyone has good work ethics like him. We benefited a great deal with Jerry's knowledge and insight of BJ's hisory and culture.

Mr. Wong is an excellent driver, quick but smooth, patient and accommodating. He is also very kind and friendly. I normally get car (motion) sickness alot while being in the back seat, but Mr. Wong driving was so smooth and I did feel comfortable throughout the whole tour.

We wish you continue success in the travelling business, you have the best staff and they are most reliable.
Wish you and all the staff a Merry Xmas, and a very Healthy, Prosperous, Happy NewYear!!

Denise & Joe

Discount tickets booking by Beijing International Tourist Service Centre
Beijing Opera


Beijing Opera, or Peking Opera, is the most celebrated of China's 300-400 different opera styles. The Liyuan Theatre presents traditional opera excerpts designed in short programmes. Drink Chinese tea and dress up for a photo in a Beijing Opera costume.

The theatre successfully attempts to revive the ambience of old Beijing by setting up Ming-style tables and ornate decorations that enable guests to sample snacks during the performances.

With an interpretation in English for those who want it, the performances can be quite different from some of those in more traditional venues.

Speech, Song, Dance, Combat

Tickets Rate(RMB)
Discount Tickets Rate
Beijing Opera
CN£¤180 !
Every Night
first area
third area
Beijing Opera
CN£¤280 !
Every Night
second area
Beijing Opera
CN£¤380 !
Every Night
VIP area
Beijing Opera
CN£¤140 !
Every Night

Reservation-24 hours Hotline
TEL: :00 86-10-81425577
FAX::00 86-10-81425577
Mobile: 15201381995

Liyuan Theatre Address : No.175 Yong'an Street Hufang Bridge Qianmen

How to get the tickets?
Our Staff will be waiting for you at the theatre . She/He will hold your name sign in her/his hands and give you the tickets when you arrive at the theatre. and we have discount price of the show tickets.Please call us or email us to book +86-10- 81425577.
* How to pay?
Pay to our staff in cash when you get the tickets.

J More people , More discount price

Liyuan Theater Repertoire

1¡¢ Eight Immortals Crossing Sea
The eight immortals attended the birthday banquet of Queen Mother and got dead drunk. On their way home, they had to cross the raging East Sea. Each used his own skills and power to do it, which agitated the East Sea and the Fairy Goldfish. The Fairy Goldfish argued with the Eight Immortals; and the Eight Immortals felt indefensible and pretended to be drunk and fought with the Fairy Goldfish, but were defeated. They apologized to the Fairy Goldfish and then crossed the sea.

2¡¢Presenting a pearl on the rainbow bridge
This play originates in a fairy tale. A fairy maiden£¨Lingbo£©admired a young scholar (Bai Yong) for his talents.One day they unexpectedly met on the Rainbow Bridge-and it was love at first sight! Fairy Lingbo sent Bai Yong a pearl symbolizing their eternal love. This went against the rules of Heaven, so God Erlang led Samgharam, Baby-Faced Nezha and other heavenly soldiers to capture Fairy Lingbo. But Fairy Lingbo led the water goblins and defeated God Erlang, and finally married Bai Yong.

3¡¢Death of Yu Ji
Warring leaders Liu Bang and Xiang Yu agreed to a truce and drew a demarcation line at Honggou. Liu¡¯s generl feigned surrender to Xiang and then successfully lured Xiang and his troops into an ambush. Xiang and his troops were surrounded and couldn¡¯t break through. When his soldiers heard their folk songs sung from the enemy, they took it for granted that their fellow soldiers had given up fighting. and their morale went down. Xiang realized that the fight was lost and indulged in his drinks in despair. He bid fatewell to his lover, Yu Ji, who danced her last dance before killing herself with a sword. Though Xiang broke through the tight encirclement and got lost, he felt ashamed of seeing his countrymen and killed himself by cutting his throat by the side of Wu River.

4¡¢Goddess of Heaven Scattering Flowers
Sakyamuni heard that Vimalakirti was sick and asked Manjuari to lead all the disciples to see Vimalakirti. and asked the goddess to scatter flowers to bring fortune to him. The goddess departed from All Fragrant Land and traveled a long distance Four Sramaneras discussed Dharma and took care of Vimalakirti,and manjuari meditated with him.Then he goddess came and scattered flowers.

5¡¢Havoc in the Dragon¡¯s Palace
The play was based on the famous Chinese classic ¡°Journey to the West¡±. Monkey king, sun wukong and his fellows gathered in the Huaguo mountain. Monkey king went to the Dragon Palace under the sea asking for a weapon from the Dragon king. He got a very powerful stick(As-You-Will Gold-Banded Cudgel).which could calm the sea. Later, he fought with the Dragon King.

6¡¢Flood Over Jinshan Mountain
¡°Flood Over Jinshan Mountain¡± is an act in drama White Snake Fairy. Xu Xian went to offer incense to Buddha in Jinshan Mountain but was detained by Monk Fahai. Snake Fairies Bai Suzhen with Xiaoqing went to the temple to solicit Fahai to let Xu Xian go. For Fahai had refused, Bai Suzhen was beyond endurance and flooded over jinshan Mountain. Fahai also retaliated and defeated Bai Suzhen for she was pregnant.

7¡¢Flame immortal blocking the way
This play originated from a fairy tale: a white ape wanted to pick peaches in the Peach Garden for his ailing mother, but was blocked enroute by the Flame Immortal.The white ape finally

9¡¢Eighteen Arhats Fighting Wu Kong
This play is based on the Chinese classic ¡°journey to the West¡±, Sun Wu Kong wreaked havoe in Heaven and was thrown into the Eight Trigram stove of the Supreme Lord Laotse. Unespectedly,Sun Wu Kong was not burned to death under the high temperature,but instead his eyes became fiery and his pupils golden. He broke the stove and fled Heaven. The Jade Emperor then asked the help of Buddha, and Buddha led the eighteen Arhats to caprure Wu Kong. Wu Kong, using his magical powers, defeated the eighteen Arhats and returned to the Mountrain of Flower and Fruit.

10¡¢Pick Up the Jade Bracelet
During the Ming Dynasty, a young scholar named Fu Peng admired and fell in love with Sun Yujiao,a beautiful young girl. He deliberately dropped his jade bracelet in front of Sun¡¯s house. This, however, was seen by Madam Liu, a matchmaker, who later asked Sun for an embroidered shoe as a love token, and promised to act as matchmaker for the two youths.

11¡¢ Autumn River
In Song Dynasty, Scholar Pan Bizheng, nephew of the old nun, while preparing for the official test at the nunnery, became acquainted and fell in love with Chen Miaochang, a young and well-educated nun. The old nun was furious and forbade them to continue their relationship,finally forcing Pan Bizheng to leave for Linan. After hearing this, Chen ran away from the nunnery in pursuit of Pan Bizheng. By the side of the Qiujiang River, she looked anxiously for a ferry boat. She met a jocular, elderly boatman, who intentionally delayed her with tricks. At last, the boatman helped Chen Miaochang catch up with her lover.

12¡¢Stopping the horse
In BeiSong Dynasty, Yang Ba-jie(the 8th sister), under the orders of She Taijun (Grandma she) to dress as a man, sneaked into Liao barracks to collect military information. On her way home, she was stopped by innkeeper Jiao Guang-pu, soliciting her into his inn. Thingking that her true identity had been discovered,Yang Ba-jie wanted to kill the innkeeper. After a struggle,she discovered that Jiao Guang-pu was a general of the NanSong Dynasty staying in the Liao Kingdom because of war.With only one pass permit, Yang Bajie asked him to pretend to be her groom, and they went back together to NanSong hometown.

BEIJING TOUR ROUTE: ( Small Group Tour )
CBT1.BadalingGreat Wall , Ming Tombs-Changling
Departure dates: every day RMB150/P.P
Tian'anmen Square,Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven & Summer Palace
Departure dates: every day RMB240/P.P
CBT3.Beijing Panda House , Hutong Tour,Yonghe Lama Temple, Olympic Stadium"Birds Nest"Water Cube"(exterior sightseeing)
Departure dates: every day
CBT4.Simatai&Jinshanling Great Wall
Departure dates: every day RMB370/P.P
Badaling Great Wall, Tian'anmen Square & the Fobidden City
Departure dates: every day RMB200/P.P
CBT6.Mutianyu Great Wall,Ming Tombs-Dingling(Underground palace)
Departure dates: every day RMB200/P.P
CBT7.Badaling Great Wall, Summer Palace

Departure dates: every day
CBT8. Acrobatic show
Departure dates: every night
CBT9.Kungfu show <Legend of Kungfu >
Departure dates: every night
CBT10.Beijing Opera show
Departure dates: every night
No additional charge! Guaranteed Departures with Even 1 Person !
Price include: pick-up service,transportation,English-speaking guide, entrance tickets,Chinese lunch
,night transfers for the night show.Choose 2 routes, cheap RMB30/p.p.Choose 3 routes, cheap RMB50/p.p.
Please book your tour at least 2 days in advance so that we can ensure to better arrange your tour details.

¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ïEmail:; ¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï


How To Book Your Beijing Opera Show
sReserve This Tour
Please send the following information to us:
1. Travelers' name on passport
2. How many tickets and which location you want
3. Which date you want to enjoy the show
Once received your above information, we will start to reserve seats according to your request. Confirmation will be sent to you when all reservation details arranged.
Reservation-24 hours Hotline
TEL: :00 86-10-81425577
FAX::00 86-10-81425577
Mobile: 15201381995

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