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Tour Code: PT2D-A Best Beijing Tour Route of Beijing Intl.Tourist Service Centre
Beijing 2 full Days Private Tour !
Private Tour Super Value Package ! No others will join in you ! Best Experience !

Tour Code
Beijing 2 full days Private Tours
Flexible & Comfortable ! No others will join in you !
Discount !
for per person
from US$86!
from US$130!
from US$100!
Scenic Spots
Tiananmen Square; Forbidden City; Temple of Heaven;Summer Palace; Panda House
Great wall ;Ming Tombs;
Olympic Stadium "Birds Nest" "Water Cube";
the Fragrant Mount, the temple of Azure Clouds, the temple of Reclining Buddha, botanical garden
Wonderful Beijing Night Tour

Beijing, an ancient capital city that located at the oriental land of legendary Chinese nation for over 3000years as a city, is drawing the attention of global tourists by its hardly matched historical and cultural accumulation and its endless vitality of updating with the times! You will see the all the must-seeing that represent Beijing most scenic spots. It is a colorful and interesting journey: you will enjoy the matchless magnificent scenery while you are standing on the top of the legendary Great Wall. Visit the most beautiful but not crowed section- Mutianyu great wall.You will feel the solemn and grandness of the tremendous imperial palace-the Forbidden City. You will see the beautiful garden scenery in Summer Palace that accumulates the classic garden culture of ancient China…

To see the past of this old city and to know the ordinary life of the capital city of this mysterious nation, the 2 full day private tour is your good option to see the most at the best service in relax way, suitable for traveling alone or together with family and friends! -By Tour Operator: Rose

Day 01 In Beijing (Lunch)

Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven & Summer Palace
After breakfast, pick you up from hotel. Today you will tour Tian'anmen Square with its plentitude of monuments testifying to the communist, and more specifically, Mao's influence on China's modern history. For your request, we can also arrange an interior visit of Chairman Mao Memorial Hall to get a close knowledge about the leader's life.
From there you will proceed to the Forbidden City, the largest and best-preserved ancient imperial palaces group with 500 years history in the world. Visit the Forbidden City along the central axis from south to north. Raised on a marble terrace with balustrades are the Three Great Halls, which comprise the heart of the Forbidden City.Hall of Supreme Harmony Hall of Middle Harmony,Hall of Preserving Harmony , The latter part of the Forbidden City is called "the Inner Court" or "Back Palace", where the imperial members live and have leisure time. Palace of Heavenly Purity , The Palace of Earthly Tranquility. The Hall of Union and Peace . To the north of the inner court is the Royal Garden. Besides these ancient buildings, the treasures and precious imperial artifacts are also the highlights for the visiting.

On the way to Temple of Heaven, you will have a chance to visit the Chinese traditional medicine culture. After having a short rest, start this wonderful China tour. We'll visit Temple of Heaven -- the largest ancient imperial worship architecture group in the world where the ancient Emperors prayed for peace and harvest. The dominant feature of the park is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests . When you are speaking by standing on the round rock in the middle of the top layer of Circular Mound Altar, the sound would be magically resonant even if your voice is very small. So when the emperor in ancient China worshipping the heaven, his words would be heard like coming out from the mouth of God considering the solemn and mysterious atmosphere. Your tour guide will introduce more legendary tales of the worship while you are there.
you will visit the beautiful Summer Palace, the largest and most beautiful Chinese imperial garden. It is regarded as a museum of gardens in China. Glittering Kunming Lake swallows up three-quarters of the park, overlooked by Longevity Hill . The principal structure is the Hall of Benevolence and Longevity, by the east gate, housing a hardwood throne and attached to a courtyard decorated with bronze animals, including the mythical qílín (a hybrid animal that only appeared on earth at times of harmony).. An elegant stretch of woodwork along the northern shore, the Long Corridoris trimmed with a plenty of paintings, while the slopes and crest of Longevity Hill behind are adorned with Buddhist temples. Transfer you back to your hotel.

Day 02 In Beijing (Lunch)
Mutianyu Great Wall, Ming tomb-Dingling, Sacred Way & Exterior Olympic stadiums
After breakfast, pick you up from hotel at 08:00am. Enjoy a full day excursion. Walk on the mighty Great Wall today---- Mutianyu that is less crowded than Badaling section. You can take cable car up and toboggan down (if need, the fee is on your own). It is well-known for its beautiful surroundings - dense woods and rich pastures changing colors with the seasons of a year. If you are lucky, you could also have chance to enjoy the grand sea of clouds as you can find in Huangshan Mountain. Mutianyu Great Wall is located in Huai Rou County on the north-east of Beijing. This section of the Great Wall is about 75 KM from the center of Beijing. Besides, the Mutianyu Great Wall is equipped with double crenel walls on both sides. These Pass constructions are very rare along the whole Great Wall.
before having Chinese traditional lunch, travelers have 40 minutes to have a short visit of Jade Carving Factory. The jade carving is very famous special local product, it was not only the excellent skill on carving, but also mixes many Chinese traditional cultures in the jade carving.

Ming Tombs-Dingling and Sacred Way in the afternoon, Dingling is the best-preserved Chinese imperial tombs with 500 years history. The Underground Palace Halls, a labyrinth palace building, were the first royal tomb excavated in accordance with plan in China. Dingling Palace of the Earth all stone, brick, for the stone, an area of 1195 square meters. No frame, for the stone arch, quite tall. The Palace of the Earth has 74 tons of white marble Shimen, artful design, flexible opening and closing. Palace of the Earth is divided into the main hall, side hall, QianDian, and the buildings on the ground are exactly the same. The original display a sacrificial utensil, where the three white marble stone seat, seat with a yellow glazed five and a blue and white porcelain cylinder, cylinder was filled with light oil, with the pilot lamp for. Houdian coffin bed park with Zhu Xujun and the two Queen's coffin, the coffin placed next to the 26 red paint box filled with funerary goods.

On the way to your hotel, you will have an exterior sightseeing of Olympic stadium- Bird Nest and Water Cube, the main Olympic stadiums in 2008. "Birds Nest" was designed by the 2001 Pulitzer Prize winner Herzog, De Meuron and Chinese architect Li Xinggang. It looks like a nest that is breeding the life. It is more like a cradle bearing human's expectation of the future.3, 000 water bubbles gathered together irrationally and constitute the beautiful outside looking of "Water Cube". transfer you back to your hotel and finish your wonderful two-days tour!

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Suzhou Garden,West Lake in Hangzhou, Water town
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Shanghai Tour 4Days 3Nights

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Li River Cruise YANGSHUO
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  Guilin & Longji 4Days
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I am so amazed with your efficient service. No wonder China is destined to become No. 1 in the world soon.

Thank you very much, Liza.

Warmest regards,
Alvina Sy



Yes we are very happy with the tour service you provided me and my family. Everyone is happy and I am happy that they are happy... meaning I decided correctly on getting your services...

We will gladly recommend you and your company and most especially our guide Patrick. Of course the whole experience was memorable and enjoyable because of the tour guide. He trully cares for the people he is servicing, even helping my Aunt to walk and playing with my young cousin. He goes the extra mile and genuinely cares.

Thanks for the memorable China experience Liza! Kudos to you and your company!



Last week I have finished a 8 days tour "wonderful china" with your agency.

I would like to thank you and your company for the wonderful organization of the tour . Everything was perfect and despite all the multiple activities (flights, shows, tours, restaurants hotels and more) every action went smoothly without any problems.

So , I would like to thank you and your team .

You are wonderful as well as your country !

Abarbanel Joseph

Hi Liza&
,Beijing International Tour,
Thank you for the wonderful arrangements with our toured visit in BJ, we certainly enjoyed your service.

Our tour guide Jerry is just a remarkable young man. Jerry is a true gentleman. We are so proud of him; China will do well and continue to excel if everyone has good work ethics like him. We benefited a great deal with Jerry's knowledge and insight of BJ's hisory and culture.

Mr. Wong is an excellent driver, quick but smooth, patient and accommodating. He is also very kind and friendly. I normally get car (motion) sickness alot while being in the back seat, but Mr. Wong driving was so smooth and I did feel comfortable throughout the whole tour.

We wish you continue success in the travelling business, you have the best staff and they are most reliable.
Wish you and all the staff a Merry Xmas, and a very Healthy, Prosperous, Happy NewYear!!

Denise & Joe


The Manager
Tour China.

I write to thank you for the wonderful experience both my wife and I enjoyed on our recent visit. Your attention to our requests was handled with ease and good spirit.

Your guides and drivers treated us as family and made us feel at home at all times.

Of special note was the guide who attended us during our Hu tong visit. A special treat.

thank you for a great visit.
Graeme and Diana Gallus



Discount Tour cost of Super Value Private Tour Package

Wonderful Beijing 2 FULL days private tour !
Cash Buying Rate: USD$1=CNY6.4 all the prices are in US dollars for per person for the whole package

Number of Travelers
English Speaking tour guide
German guide
Indonesian tour guide
1 person
2 persons
3 persons
4 persons
5-6 persons
7-10 persons
service package includes:

1. Entrance tickets as list
2. Hotel Pick-up and drop-off
3. Private car with good air-conditioned
4. Private Licensed English Speaking or Spanish,German,French,Russian,Italian speaking tour guide
5. Typical Chinese Lunch or vegetarian Lunch
service package excludes:
1. Fee of cable car on Great Wall (optional)
2. Tips to the guide and driver (optional)


Customized private tours for you, your party or your family, no other travelers will join in your group! Reasonable Price! Well-chosen Tour schedule! Tours Package includes: Private professional English-speaking tour guide,private car with air-conditioned ,Entrance fees to attractions visited! No additional charge! Pay us when pick you up !
We guarantee we're cheaper, All transactions done securely !100% safe !! Book Now!

How to Book My China Tour Now

Reserve This Tour
Please send the following information to us:

1. Travelers' FULL names on passport
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3. Tour Date

4. Your hotel name in Beijing
5. Tour Code:
Once received your above information, we will start to arrange tour details according to your request. Confirmation will be sent to you within 24 hours when all tour details arranged.

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Easy Booking on Line ! Reply you within 10mins-24 hrs!

1. Choose a reliable travel agency. Our company- Beijing Capital-Q. International Travel Agency Co.Ltd is the Authorized National Travel Agency with official license. Almost of our team members have around 10 years tourism working experiences, so we also have good price advantage and stable cooperation with hotels, restaurants etc. many colleagues in this industry to make sure you will have a smooth and wonderful China tour !

2 Is it possible to change Mutianyu Great Wall to Badaling Great Wall?
Yes, you can. The price keeps the same.

3. Do you have any tips when tour The Great Wall?
Yes, Leisure or sport shoes, flexible style of clothes are suggested to enjoy your tour sufficiently.

4. Can you pick me up from Railway station or Airport instead of hotel on the first morning?
Yes, we can. Please kindly send us your train number and the train carriage number or flight number, we will pick you up at the platform of Beijing Railway station/Bejing South Railway station/Beijing West Railway station/Beijing Capital International airport.

5. We want to know what vehicles can you provide for our tour transportation?
All the vehicles we will arrange are well equipped and air-conditioned. The car type will be decided based on your group size. Please rest assured that we will arrange comfortable cars or vans for you.

6 . Can you offer us Vegetarian Lunches?
Yes, we can, we will arrange vegetarian food for you without extra charge.

7. Is it available to take this tour in separate two days?
Yes, you can.

8. Can you offer us Vegetarian Lunches?
Yes, we can, we will arrange vegetarian food for you without extra charge.

9, If our group size is very large, say : 15 ppl or more, can we get a special discount from you ?
Yes, of course ! More people nore discount ! Welcome to organise your friends and relatives and discover our beautiful city -Beijing !

10, We want to book your tour PT2D-A, How long does it take to get a confirmation from you after we send you a booking E-mail with my information?

Thanks for choosing will send you confirmation within 30 minutes - 24 hours after all details arranged. If you don't receive any reply in time, you can try to send again or send by the following E-mail address: so that we can ensure to provide efficient service for you. Thanks a lot


" We need Private Tour , airport transfers, Hotel.":

Beijing and Xian Private Tour !
Super Value package ! No others will join in you !
from US$433
from US$368
from US$324
from US$373
from US$309
from US$265

Beijing and Shanghai Private Tour !
By Flight 2 hours or By High speed Train 5 hours
from US$406
from US$323
from US$283
from US$263
from US$315
from US$278
from US$257
Customized private tours for you, your party or your family, no other travelers will join in your group! Reasonable Price! Well-chosen Tour schedule! Tours include: Private professional English-speaking tour guides, Private car or van with driver, airport transfers service! Entrance tickets and 2 famous night shows-acrobatic, kung fu tickets! Tang Dynasty show and dumpling dinner ! Accommodation at city center! Beijing to Shanghai one way domestic flight ticket or bullet train ticket ! No additional charge!
We guarantee we're cheaper, All transactions done securely !100% safe !
Scenic Spots Choice:
Tiananmen Square; Forbidden City; Temple of Heaven; Lama Temple;
Summer Palace; Great wall badaling; Great wall Simatai; Great wall Mutianyu
Ming Tombs; Ming Tombs Dingling; Ming Tombs Changling;

Shanghai bund;Yu Garden;Huangpu River Cruise;Xin Tian Di;Nanjing Road;
Suzhou garden;Zhouzhuang Water Town; Hangzhou city; West Lake.

Best of China Golden Triangle Tour !
we have total 7 packages for small group tour. you will do the tour in a small English tour group including about 10 members who come from all over the world. It is really interesting , exciting and CHEAP!!
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We have total 12 routes for private tour. you will use private vehicle with driver and personal excellent English-speaking tour guides. No others will join in you. You will have an enjoyable and LEISURE tour !!
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ChinaTour_beijing+xian+shanghai,suzhou_9 DaysPrivate Tour by Overnight Trains

ChinaTour_beijing+xian+shanghai,suzhou_9 DaysPrivate Tour by Flights
ChinaTour_beijingXian+shanghai,suzhou,hangzhou12DaysPrivateTour byFlights


What are you waiting for ? Don't hesitate! Please kindly inform us your final route.
Or we can offer tailor-made itinerary based on your requirement. Seats Limited , Book Now!

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Beijing & Guilin Tour
7 packages;Beijing & Chengde Tour 2 packages;
Wonderful China ! Beijing & Xian & Shanghai Tour by air/bullet train; 14 packages
Essence of China ! Beijing & Xian & Guilin & Shanghai Tour 4 packages;
Beijing & Yangtze Cruise & Shanghai Tour 4 packages;
Beijing &Xian &Guilin Tour 3 packages; Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Beijing Tour 3 packages;
Best of China ! Beijing & Xian& Guilin& Yangtze Cruise& Shanghai Tour 2 packages
Amazing China ! Beijing & Xian& Yunnan-Shangrila& Guilin& Shanghai Tour best package
Tour China ! Beijing & Xian & Chengdu & Shanghai,Hangzhou Tour best package
Xian Tour from/back Beijing by air/bullet train ; 7 packages
Shanghai Tour from/back Beijing by air/bullet train
; 5 packages
Xian & Shanghai Tour from/back Beijing by air ; best package
Xian & Luoyang Tour from/back Beijing by bullet train ; best package
Guilin Tour from/back Beijing by air
; Guilin Longsheng Tour from/back Beijing by air ;
Pingyao Tour from/back Beijing by bullet train ; Datong Tour from/back Beijing by air ;
Datong & Pingyao & Xian Tour from/back Beijing by air/bullet train
Mt.Huang(Yellow Mountain) from/back Beijing by air
More Colorful China Tour Routes , please see :